Injury & Rehabilitation Specialists

We are experts when it comes to movement and/or pain-related problems.

Whether you exercise on a professional level, are an enthusiastic amateur or just looking for osteopathy and rehabilitation of your acute or long-term injury, we are here to help.

We will provide you with long-term pain relief, help to return to the level of performance pre-injuries or even stronger and assist in staying injury free.

Our Osteopath and Injury Rehabilitation Specialist based in Guildford, Surrey is an expert in assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and performance. Her main goal is to encourage you in perusing your goals by empowering you with understanding, treatment and rehabilitation program. She will support you in any stage of your movement health, injuries, rehabilitation & performance.

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Allows you to perform at your optimum whilst minimising the possibility of injuries.


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Injury Treatment

Have you recently had an injury? We can resolve your discomfort and pain and treat any muscular or soft tissue injuries.

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Rehabilitation & Performance

We offer a range of rehabilitation programs to suit your needs.

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