Encourage Movement is more than just treating symptoms or offering generic exercise protocols.

Rehabilitation is the core of the treatment. And most importantly we empower to understand the problem and core of your injuries. Once the problem is identified and the cause is found, we then fix them using your own body movement. Most movement-related symptoms have a biomechanical cause, not biochemical. Medications can help relieve symptoms, for a while, but only a personal, movement-prescription will fix the problem.

Following an initial consultation and assessment, you will receive a tailored treatment program, modified for your personal goals and limitations.

Your treatment plan may include:

  • Education: regarding your condition, advice on the safe use of mobility aids and areas that can be improved with treatment
  • Hands-on Treatment: hands-on treatment to assist healing of the body.
  • Graded Exercise Programs: to strengthen and provide the body with additional mobility to support the rehabilitation program. Includes exercises which can be performed in your own home.
  • Tailored Exercises: practical and progressive rehabilitation treatments which work with your body to expedite the healing process.

We do offer individual appointments, however, to really get the best from your treatment we offer tailored treatment packages working with you to treat, educate, rehabilitate and get you performing to your best.

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