Osteopath in Guildford / Injury & Rehabilitation Specialists & Haslemere, Surrey.

Encourage Movement offers a spectrum of services underpinned by osteopathic and sports rehabilitation knowledge and drawing on our extraordinary expertise and comprehensive experience. These diverse skills derived from a range of disciplines allow us to develop a bespoke treatment program for your unique situation.

We are experts when it comes to movement and/or pain-related problems.

Whether you exercise on a professional level, are an enthusiastic amateur or just looking for osteopathy and rehabilitation of your acute or long-term injury, we are here to help.

We will provide you with long-term pain relief, help to return to the level of performance pre-injuries or even stronger and assist in staying injury-free.

Our Osteopath and Injury Rehabilitation Specialist based in Guildford, Surrey is an expert in assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and performance. Her main goal is to encourage you in perusing your goals by empowering you with understanding, treatment and rehabilitation programs. She will support you in any stage of your movement health, injuries, rehabilitation & performance.

Have you recently suffered an injury? Encourage Movement offers a wide variety of treatments to address pain, discomfort, tension and imbalance.


Allows you to perform at your optimum whilst minimising the possibility of injuries.

We offer a range of rehabilitation programs to suit your needs.

What Our Clients Say

Catherine Horsnall

I saw Zaneta to help with back and neck pain brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was impressed with her attention to detail when doing the consultation and felt she really focused on the problems I'd described when treating me. She was very clear in communicating what she was doing and why she was using certain techniques which i found helpful and she took the time at the end to discuss how I could protect my back in the future. I was experiencing quite a bit of pain and immobility before seeing her and after two treatments am back to normal! Highly recommend her.

Meity Lam

Zaneta has been working with me for over 2 years now on my ankle replacement recovery. She is extremely knowledgeable and has been a key part of making such a strong recovery. She has worked on the scar tissue on my ankle, with techniques such as the Graston technique.

I had a limp when I first met her, was very weak and lacked confidence! 2 years later I’m able do things such as ski and I had gained knowledge that I’m able to practice on independently.

She adapts to your needs and continuously comes up with new ways to help you. I’m massively grateful for all her help with my ankle and hip injury. I’d recommend her to all!

Peter Včasný

Zaneta is an amazing Osteopath and sports rehabilitator. She has helped me to provide effective solutions for my ankle injuries. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and can expertly use different treatments such as rehabilitation and manual therapy. She provides personal home programmes to follow which greatly helped me too.

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